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The Watching Shadow

Now, this may sound weird but I could swear I was being watched. This happened last year but I haven't forgotten it. It was the middle of the night, I woke up and looked at the time. it was like 2am and I just sat there, looking at the roof. Then, I turned around, and I saw this "thing" at my brother's wardrobe. It was dark but I could still see it there, like it was watching me. My door then opened, it was my brother, and my bathroom light shined at the wardrobe. Then, the shadow ran. It fucking ran into my brother's wardrobe, like it was hiding. The next day, I checked my brother's wardrobe, nothing was there.

This next part happened a few weeks later. I was still awake and I was looking at the end of my brother's bed, where a small light from our mini SKY box was lighting up that part of his bed. I froze after the light went black for a split second. I know I didn't blink, it was like that shadow was watching me and ran back into the wardrobe as my room was moved awhile after my last encounter. If you could call it that.

It's been a year, and my room was moved again, and for now, I haven't seen that shadow again. But there's one thing I do know, my room is apparently haunted. A women apparently died and she now haunts my room which I'm still in to this day.

This is a true story. You probably don't believe me but I needed to tell someone even if they don't believe me.

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